PPCL is committed to maintain highest standards of professional ethics & integrity and these are the central to that way it conducts business. Its aims not just to comply with applicable laws; it has a commitment to doing the right thing what its conscious says. It tries utmost to adhere to its Code of Business Conducts & Ethics and to maintain trust with all sorts of stakeholders like customers, partners and employees however critical it may be in this gimmick resorted business world. Conducts its business with honesty, dignity and fiscal responsibility that refers its Integrity.

All employees of PPCL provide stakeholders with information & filing that is accurate, complete, objective, fair, relevant, timely and understandable and act with honesty & integrity avoiding actual or apparent conflicts of interest in their personal & professional relationships. Fulfills all contractual obligations promptly & completely, and respond to complaints without delay as a manifestation of its Accountability.

Apart from Integrity & Accountability it holds the other core values Quality, Creativity, Professionalism   as well as holds Competency as a commitment to ongoing professional development and education.
Being newly emerged, PPCL has its business conducts & ethics under continued reviewing & updating its policies & procedures that means this Code is subjected to modification. The code of business conduct & ethics helps ensure compliance with legal requirements and standards of business conduct. All employees, agents, contractors of PPCL are to read and understand this code and to uphold/exercise these standards in their day to day activities for the sake of maintaining a cooperative, positive, harmonious & productive work environment and business organization.

Environmental  & Safety Consideration as Ethics:
In line with its principal it thinks that the positive environmental impact is significant in the every case. It always imports or delivers the generators that cause minimal environmental impact as the generators have a provision to come with sound attuned enclosures which reduce sound levels to comply with the new European Community regulations 2000/I4/EC. It suggests and offers its clients to use the soundproof canopy.

The followings can state our safety concern in work site:
    Insurance for all service personnel in project site
    Using Apron, safety belt, safety shoe, safety glass,  helmet etc. as and when required.
    Holding first aid box