Power & Project Controls have successfully completed the Electrical & Instrumentation works for this Project.

We have done total factory electrification works starting from design, procurement, supply, installation and commissioning of the plant.

For the Instrumentation and Automation our expertise have completed the cabling works, connection to MCC, installation of field instruments and connection to the MCC panel and finally commissioning by the cooperation of foreign expert.

i. Power sectors

Most of our projects are very much concentrated to Power and Gas sectors. Our top executives have been successfully completed installation and commissioning of 230 KV substations, the largest substation in Bangladesh in respect to ratings. The construction job were very much related to the power circuit, control and signal circuit. Our experiences also include electrical and instrumentation job for Thermal power station as well as diesel power plant. A few example are Ghorasal 230 KV substation,132 KV substation,210 MW Thermal Power Station(4th unit), Bhola 2 x 3.3 MW Power Station etc.

We also accomplished Telecommunication project under Sumitomo Corporation for Greater Dhaka Digital Telecommunication system in Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board. Most of the cases our role was the subcontractor of foreign company or their local associates.

ii. Gas sectors:

a) Customer Metering Station(CMS): We have successfully completed the installation, testing and commissioning of Baghabari CMS project for filtering section and condensate storage,Metering section, Reducing Section, Metering and Recording, RTU installation and connection etc under the subcontract of T&T S.P.A, Italy.

b) Regulating and Metering Station(RMS): We have also accomplished the job for the installation and commissioning of AES Haripur 360 MW RMS project for all the electrical , instrumentation and control works as well as cathode protection system and fire protection. In this scope of works we provided station inlet system, filtering system, Gas heating system, Gas pressure reducing system, Liquid separation system, metering and control system, condensate collection and storage system, station emergency shut down system, Cathode protection system, RTU installation, station grounding system and commissioning assistance. Here our role was to be the sub-contractor of T&T S.P.A Italy.

C) CITY GATE STATION: We have completed the city gate station installation job under Government project as a sub-contrac of Foreign companies.The same nature of the above job for 460 MW RMS.

iii. GIDP SCADA Project:

In Bangladesh around 21 Gas Fields have been discovered. All the Gas fields are interconnected to the National Grid which extends from Haripur in the North, Sangu Offshore to the south and Baghabari in the west. The Gas is transmitted and distributed through 75 stations comprising of CMS, RMS, DRS, City Gate, Valve station and Manifold Stations etc. In order to operate such a vast network effectively and efficiently, it is essential to have information regarding operational data and status of the stations. To achieve this GAS TRANSMISSION COMPANY LTD.(GTCL) of Petrobangla decided to install SUPERVISORY CONTROL AND DATA ACQUISITION (SCADA) SYSTEM for Gas Infrastructure Development Project(GIDP). It was a British fund of 15 million Pound Sterling arranged by DFID, a Concern of British Government.

The Managing Director of Power & Project Controls exclusively handled the SCADA project in the banner of ENL to execute the instrumentation job like pressure transmitter, flow transmitter, temperature transmitter, thermo well, turbine meter, impulse tubing, signaling cable connections between field to JB and JB to RTU. All the analog signal from transmitter to RTU through JB (4-20 mA) have been ensured by us under the supervision of the engineer in charge from UK.

A few job details of the SCADA system are forwarded herewith:

SCADA Telecommunication Network

All the ninety (90) stations as mentioned in the LIST OF STATIONS are linked together through a telecommunication network. This network has two types of radio links-UHF and Microwave stations in all. All the field stations are terminated in Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The field signals after processing, transmitted through UHF stations to be nearby Microwave stations. The two control rooms Demara Head Office & Ashuganj Valve Station are respectively linked directly to Microwave stations 109 and 400 through cable. The Head Offices have their own Microwave sites.